Skyline Traverse

“We are super excited to announce that next years Sky Runner New Zealand Event will be incorporated in to the ‘Skyline Traverse’ in Wanaka on Sunday 20th January 2019. 

This spectacular 28km trail run offers a lengthy ascent followed by a technical traverse across the ridge line of Mt Alpha and Mt Roy. The route culminates with a run off Mt Roy and around the shore of Lake Wanaka back to Edgewater Resort. You will run through the breathtaking alpine landscape of Wanaka, whilst enjoying a memorable journey around this amazing adventure playground.

If you keen to take part in this awesome trail running event you can take advantage of a $20 discount off the entry fee…

All you need to do is jump online: and find out all you need and want to know and use the following PROMO CODE: STSR2019CC to register and get excited about the adventure ahead…

Hope to see you on the start line!”